How Much Force Can a Watermelon Take?

Watermelons are surprisingly resilient fruits, capable of withstanding a surprising amount of force. While the exact amount of force a watermelon can take depends on its size and ripeness, it is generally accepted that a watermelon can withstand up to 200 pounds of pressure before splitting open.

Factors That Affect How Much Force a Watermelon Can Take

The amount of force a watermelon can take is affected by several factors, including its size, ripeness, and the type of force applied. Larger watermelons tend to be able to withstand more pressure than smaller ones, while unripe watermelons are more likely to split open under pressure than ripe ones. Additionally, different types of force will affect how much pressure a watermelon can take. For example, a watermelon may be able to withstand more compression (squeezing) than impact (hitting).

Uses for Watermelons’ Strength

Watermelons’ strength has been put to use in many creative ways. For example, some people have used them as makeshift weights for exercise routines or as makeshift hammers for construction projects. Others have even used them as projectiles in homemade slingshots! While these uses may seem strange, they demonstrate just how strong and resilient watermelons can be.

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