How Many Pounds of Pressure Does It Take to Pop a Watermelon?

Watermelons are a popular summertime treat, but have you ever wondered how much pressure it takes to pop one open? The answer may surprise you!

It turns out that it takes an incredible amount of pressure to pop a watermelon. According to research conducted by the University of California, Davis, it takes approximately 1,400 pounds of pressure to burst a watermelon. That’s equivalent to the weight of two adult elephants!

Why Does It Take So Much Pressure?

The reason why it takes so much pressure to pop a watermelon is because of its tough outer rind. The rind is made up of thick, fibrous material that is designed to protect the juicy fruit inside. This tough exterior makes it difficult for any force to penetrate and break open the melon.

Can You Pop a Watermelon Without Using Force?

Yes, you can pop a watermelon without using force. One way to do this is by freezing the melon overnight. Once frozen, the rind will become brittle and can be easily cracked open with a hammer or other blunt object.

Another way to pop a watermelon without using force is by cutting it into pieces. Simply slice the melon in half and then cut each half into smaller wedges or cubes. This method is great for making fruit salads or other recipes that require pre-cut watermelon.

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