How to Get a Purple Watermelon

Purple watermelons are a unique and eye-catching addition to any garden or fruit bowl. While they may look like something out of a science fiction movie, purple watermelons are actually quite easy to grow. With the right conditions and some patience, you can have your own purple watermelon patch in no time.

Choosing the Right Variety

The first step in growing purple watermelons is choosing the right variety. There are several varieties of purple watermelon available, including the popular “Black Diamond” and “Royal Sweet” varieties. These varieties are known for their sweet flavor and dark purple flesh. When selecting your seeds, make sure to choose ones that are specifically labeled as “purple” or “black”.

Preparing the Soil

Once you have chosen your variety of purple watermelon, it is important to prepare the soil for planting. Watermelons require well-draining soil with plenty of organic matter. To ensure that your soil is ready for planting, mix in compost or aged manure before sowing your seeds.

Planting and Growing

When planting your purple watermelon seeds, make sure to space them at least two feet apart. Watermelons need plenty of room to spread out and grow. Once planted, keep the soil moist but not soggy. Watermelons prefer warm temperatures, so if you live in a cooler climate you may want to consider using a row cover or plastic sheeting to help keep the plants warm.


When harvesting your purple watermelons, look for signs that they are ripe such as a dull thud when tapped and a yellowish color on the underside of the melon. Cut the stem with pruning shears and enjoy!

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