How to Fold Down a Quick Smart Stroller

Folding down a Quick Smart stroller is easy and convenient. With just a few simple steps, you can quickly fold down your stroller and store it away in no time. Here’s how:

Step 1: Unlock the Locking Mechanism

The first step is to unlock the locking mechanism located on the side of the stroller. This will allow you to begin folding down the stroller.

Step 2: Push Down on the Handlebar

Once the locking mechanism is unlocked, push down on the handlebar until it clicks into place. This will cause the stroller to begin folding down.

Step 3: Pull Up on the Handlebar

Next, pull up on the handlebar until it locks into place. This will secure the stroller in its folded position.

Step 4: Lock the Locking Mechanism

Finally, lock the locking mechanism back into place. This will ensure that your stroller stays securely folded while not in use.

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