When Does the Brain Start to Create Memories?

The ability to create memories begins in infancy and continues throughout life. Memory formation starts as early as the first few months of life, when infants begin to recognize familiar faces and voices. As they grow, children start to form more complex memories, such as remembering events or experiences.


During infancy, babies are able to remember simple things like their parents’ faces and voices. They can also remember certain routines, such as feeding times or naptimes. By the time they reach 6 months old, babies can recall objects that they have seen before and recognize familiar people.

Early Childhood

As children enter early childhood, their memory skills continue to develop. They become better at recalling information and forming long-term memories. At this stage, children are able to remember stories, songs, and other details from their everyday lives. They may also be able to recall past events or experiences.


During adolescence, memory skills continue to improve. Teens are able to store more information in their long-term memory and recall it more easily. They may also be able to remember more complex concepts and ideas than they could in earlier stages of development.

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