Phineas Gage’s Brain Injury

Phineas Gage was an American railroad worker who suffered a traumatic brain injury in 1848. He is famous for being the first documented case of a person surviving a severe brain injury. The accident occurred when an iron rod was driven through his skull, damaging parts of his brain.

What Part of Phineas Gage’s Brain Was Affected?

The part of Phineas Gage’s brain that was most affected by the accident was his frontal lobe. This area of the brain is responsible for many important functions, including decision-making, problem-solving, and controlling emotions. Damage to this area can lead to changes in personality and behavior.

In Phineas Gage’s case, the damage to his frontal lobe caused him to become more impulsive and less able to control his emotions. He also became more argumentative and irritable, which led to difficulties in his relationships with others.

Although Phineas Gage survived the accident, it changed his life forever. His story has been used as an example of how even small changes in the brain can have profound effects on behavior.

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