Lee Child and His Brother Writing Together


Lee Child is a British author best known for his Jack Reacher series of novels. He has written over 20 books in the series, which have sold over 100 million copies worldwide. In 2018, he wrote a novel with his brother, Andrew Grant, called The Midnight Line. This was the first time the two had collaborated on a book.

Why Did Lee Child Write With His Brother?

Lee Child wanted to write with his brother because he felt it would be an interesting challenge and a great opportunity to collaborate on something creative. He also wanted to explore different writing styles and techniques that he could not do alone. By working together, they were able to combine their individual strengths and create something unique.

Benefits of Collaboration

Writing with his brother allowed Lee Child to benefit from Andrew’s expertise in crime fiction and knowledge of police procedure. It also gave him the chance to explore new ideas and perspectives that he may not have considered on his own. Working together also enabled them to create a more complex plot than either of them could have done alone.

Overall, writing with his brother was a great experience for Lee Child. It allowed him to explore new ideas, gain insight into different writing styles, and create something unique with his brother’s help. The collaboration was beneficial for both brothers as it enabled them to combine their individual strengths and create something special.

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