Do Rihanna and Chris Brown Have a Child?

Rihanna and Chris Brown have been in the public eye since their tumultuous relationship began in 2008. Since then, there has been much speculation about whether or not the two have had a child together.

Rumors of a Child

In 2009, rumors began to circulate that Rihanna was pregnant with Chris Brown’s child. However, these rumors were never confirmed and it is unclear if they are true. In 2011, Chris Brown’s mother Joyce Hawkins posted a photo on Instagram of what appeared to be a baby girl, leading many to speculate that the child was Rihanna and Chris Brown’s daughter. However, this was never confirmed either.

No Confirmation of a Child

Despite the rumors, neither Rihanna nor Chris Brown have ever publicly confirmed that they have a child together. It is possible that the two may have had a child together but chose to keep it private. Until either one of them confirms it, the truth remains unknown.

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