When Did Ram Boxes Come Out?

Ram boxes, also known as RamBoxes, are a type of storage system that was first introduced by the Ram Truck brand in 2009. The RamBox is an innovative storage system that is integrated into the side rails of the truck bed and provides secure, weatherproof storage for items such as tools, camping gear, and other cargo.

The Introduction of RamBoxes

The RamBox was first introduced in 2009 on the Dodge Ram 1500 model. It was then expanded to include the 2500 and 3500 models in 2010. The RamBox has since become a popular option for many truck owners due to its convenience and security features. The RamBox is available with either a manual or power-operated lid and can be locked with an optional key fob.

Benefits of Using a RamBox

The main benefit of using a RamBox is its convenience. It allows you to store items securely without having to worry about them getting wet or damaged from the elements. Additionally, it helps keep your truck bed organized and free from clutter. The RamBox also provides additional security for your items since it can be locked with an optional key fob.

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