How Many Lumens for a Light Box?

A light box is a device used to provide bright, even lighting for photography and other visual arts. The amount of light emitted by a light box is measured in lumens, which is the unit of measurement for visible light. Depending on the size and purpose of the light box, the number of lumens needed can vary greatly.

Light Boxes for Photography

For photography purposes, a light box should have at least 1,000 lumens of brightness. This will provide enough illumination to capture clear images without overexposing them. If you need more intense lighting, you may want to look for a light box with up to 5,000 lumens. This will ensure that your photos are well-lit and vibrant.

Light Boxes for Artwork

When using a light box to view artwork or documents, you don’t need as much brightness as you would for photography. A light box with 500-1,000 lumens should be sufficient for this purpose. This level of brightness will allow you to clearly see the details in the artwork or document without causing any damage.

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