Hiding a Junction Box

A junction box is an electrical device used to connect two or more wires together. It is important to hide the junction box in order to keep it safe from damage and to maintain the aesthetic of your home. There are several ways to hide a junction box, depending on the type of junction box and the area where it is located.

Surface Mounted Junction Boxes

Surface mounted junction boxes are typically used for outdoor applications, such as connecting landscape lighting or outdoor speakers. These boxes can be easily hidden by covering them with a decorative box or other cover. If you have a wooden fence, you can also use wood trim to cover the junction box. You can also paint the box to match the color of your house or fence.

Recessed Junction Boxes

Recessed junction boxes are typically used for indoor applications, such as connecting light fixtures or ceiling fans. These boxes can be hidden by installing them in a wall cavity or behind drywall. You can also use a false wall panel to conceal the junction box. If you have access to the attic, you can install the junction box in the attic and run the wires through the walls.

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