Adjusting Box Truck Mirrors

Having properly adjusted mirrors on your box truck is essential for safe driving. Adjusting the mirrors correctly will help you to see more of the road and reduce blind spots. Here are some tips for adjusting your box truck mirrors:

Step 1: Position Yourself in the Driver’s Seat

Before you start adjusting your mirrors, make sure you are sitting in the driver’s seat with your seatbelt fastened. This will ensure that you have the best view of the road and can adjust your mirrors accordingly.

Step 2: Adjust Your Side Mirrors

Start by adjusting your side mirrors so that they are angled slightly outward. This will allow you to see more of what is happening on either side of your vehicle. Make sure that you can still see the side of your vehicle in each mirror.

Step 3: Adjust Your Rearview Mirror

Next, adjust your rearview mirror so that it is angled slightly downward. This will give you a better view of what is behind you and reduce any blind spots. Make sure that you can still see the back window of your vehicle in the rearview mirror.

Step 4: Test Out Your Mirrors

Once you have adjusted all of your mirrors, take a few moments to test them out. Drive around a bit and make sure that you can see everything clearly in each mirror. If not, make any necessary adjustments until you are satisfied with how they look.

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