How Much Caffeine Does a Bottle of Mountain Dew Have?

Mountain Dew is a popular carbonated soft drink that has been around since 1940. It is known for its bright yellow-green color and citrus flavor. The beverage contains caffeine, which is a stimulant found in many beverages and foods. So, how much caffeine does a bottle of Mountain Dew have?

Caffeine Content of Mountain Dew

A 12-ounce can of Mountain Dew contains 54 milligrams (mg) of caffeine. This amount is slightly higher than the average amount of caffeine found in other sodas, which is usually around 35 mg per 12 ounces. However, it is still lower than the amount of caffeine found in energy drinks, which can range from 80 to 200 mg per 12 ounces.

In comparison to coffee, one cup (8 ounces) of brewed coffee contains 95 mg of caffeine. Therefore, drinking one can of Mountain Dew would be equivalent to about half a cup of coffee.

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