The Selection Series

The Selection series is a set of five young adult novels written by author Kiera Cass. The books follow the story of America Singer, a young woman who is chosen to compete in a selection process to become the next princess of the fictional country of Illéa. The series has been praised for its unique take on the classic Cinderella story and its strong female characters.

Book Order

The Selection series consists of five books: The Selection, The Elite, The One, The Heir, and The Crown. The books should be read in order as each book builds upon the events of the previous one. Additionally, some characters and plot points are only introduced in later books, so reading them out of order can lead to confusion.

The Selection is the first book in the series and introduces readers to America Singer and her world. In this book, America is chosen to compete in a selection process to become the next princess of Illéa. As she navigates her way through the competition, she must also deal with her own feelings for two different men.

The Elite is the second book in the series and follows America as she continues to compete in the selection process. In this book, she must make difficult decisions about her future and face new challenges that could change her life forever.

The One is the third book in the series and focuses on America’s journey as she gets closer to becoming queen. In this book, she must decide if she will accept her fate or fight for something more.

The Heir is the fourth book in the series and follows America’s daughter Eadlyn as she takes part in her own selection process. This book explores themes of identity and self-discovery as Eadlyn struggles with what it means to be a leader.

The Crown is the fifth and final book in the series. In this book, readers get a glimpse into America’s future as queen and see how her decisions have shaped Illéa’s destiny.

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