Is the Halo Show Based on a Book?

The upcoming live-action series based on the popular video game franchise, Halo, is not based on any particular book. However, the Halo universe has been explored in various novels and comic books over the years.

Halo Novels

The Halo universe has been explored in several novels written by various authors. The first novel was released in 2001 and was titled “Halo: The Fall of Reach”. This novel served as a prequel to the original video game and set up the story for the rest of the franchise. Since then, there have been numerous other novels that explore different aspects of the Halo universe. These include “Halo: First Strike”, “Halo: Ghosts of Onyx”, and “Halo: Contact Harvest”.

Halo Comics

In addition to novels, there have also been several comic book series based on the Halo franchise. These comics are published by Marvel Comics and explore different characters and storylines from the games. Some of these comics include “Halo: Helljumper”, “Halo: Uprising”, and “Halo: Escalation”.

While the upcoming live-action series is not based on any particular book, it will draw inspiration from all of these sources to create an exciting new story set in the Halo universe.

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