How Many Books Are There in Death Note?

Death Note is a popular manga series written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. It follows the story of Light Yagami, a high school student who discovers a supernatural notebook that grants him the power to kill anyone whose name he writes in it. Since its debut in 2003, Death Note has become one of the most popular manga series of all time, spawning numerous spin-offs, anime adaptations, live-action films, and video games.

The original Death Note manga series consists of 12 volumes, which were released between December 2003 and May 2006. The series was later collected into two omnibus editions, each containing six volumes. In addition to the main series, there are several spin-off manga series set in the same universe as Death Note. These include Death Note: Another Note – The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases, Death Note: L Change the World, and Death Note 13: How to Read.


In total, there are 18 books in the Death Note franchise. This includes 12 volumes of the original manga series, two omnibus editions collecting those volumes, and four spin-off manga series. With its gripping story and compelling characters, it’s no wonder why Death Note remains one of the most beloved manga franchises of all time.

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