Metatarsal Bones

The metatarsal bones are a group of five long bones located in the foot. They are located between the tarsal bones of the hindfoot and the phalanges of the toes. The metatarsals form the arch of the foot, and provide a strong, flexible connection between the hindfoot and forefoot.

Location in Human Body

The metatarsal bones are located in the human body just behind the toes. They run from the ankle joint to the base of each toe. The first metatarsal is connected to the medial cuneiform bone, while the other four are connected to each other by interosseous ligaments. The fifth metatarsal is connected to the cuboid bone.

The metatarsals play an important role in providing stability and support for walking, running, and jumping. They also help absorb shock when walking or running on uneven surfaces. In addition, they help maintain balance when standing or walking on slippery surfaces.

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