Where is Mikasa Bone China Made?

Mikasa bone china is a type of fine porcelain that is made from a combination of kaolin, feldspar, and quartz. It is known for its delicate beauty and strength, making it an ideal choice for dinnerware and other decorative pieces. The company has been producing bone china since 1948 and is now one of the leading manufacturers in the world.

Mikasa Bone China is Made in Japan

Mikasa bone china is made in Japan at the company’s factory located in the city of Kaga. The factory has been producing high-quality bone china since 1948 and continues to use traditional methods to ensure that each piece meets the highest standards of quality. The company also uses modern technology to create new designs and patterns that are both beautiful and durable.

The Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process for Mikasa bone china begins with the selection of raw materials. These materials are then mixed together to form a paste which is then shaped into molds. After this, the pieces are fired in a kiln at temperatures up to 1,400 degrees Celsius. This firing process gives the pieces their unique strength and translucency. Finally, they are glazed and decorated with intricate designs before being shipped out to customers.

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