What’s the Heaviest Bone in the Body?

The heaviest bone in the human body is the femur, or thighbone. It is located in the upper leg and is the longest and strongest bone in the body. The femur makes up about one-fourth of a person’s total height and supports most of their body weight.

Structure of the Femur

The femur is made up of two parts: a shaft and two rounded ends. The shaft is cylindrical in shape and has a smooth, curved surface. The two rounded ends are called the head and the condyles. The head fits into a socket in the hip bone to form the hip joint, while the condyles fit into sockets in the knee joint.

Functions of the Femur

The femur plays an important role in movement and stability. It helps to support body weight when standing, walking, running, or jumping. It also helps to absorb shock from impact activities such as running or jumping. Additionally, it provides leverage for muscles to move other bones in the body.

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