What’s the Biggest Bone in the Leg?

The biggest bone in the leg is the femur, or thighbone. It is the longest and strongest bone in the human body, and it connects the hip to the knee.

Structure of the Femur

The femur has two main parts: a head at one end and a shaft that runs down to the knee. The head of the femur fits into a socket in the pelvis called the acetabulum. The shaft of the femur is made up of three sections: a neck, which connects to the head; a diaphysis, which is the main part of the shaft; and two condyles, which are rounded ends that connect to the knee joint.

Function of the Femur

The femur plays an important role in movement and weight-bearing. It helps support our body weight when we stand, walk, run, jump, and move around. It also helps transfer force from our lower body to our upper body when we lift objects or perform other activities.

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