How Many Bones Are in a Monkey’s Tail?

Monkeys have tails that are made up of vertebrae, which are bones. The number of bones in a monkey’s tail can vary depending on the species of monkey. Some species may have as few as five vertebrae in their tail, while others may have up to 20.

Types of Monkeys with Tails

Most monkeys have tails, but there are some species that do not. For example, the Barbary macaque and the Japanese macaque both lack tails. Other species such as the spider monkey, capuchin monkey, and howler monkey all have tails.

Function of a Monkey’s Tail

A monkey’s tail serves several functions. It helps them balance when they are climbing or jumping from tree to tree. It also acts as an extra limb for grasping branches and other objects. Finally, it is used for communication between members of the same species.

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