Who Owns Jubilee Yacht?

Jubilee Yacht is a luxury yacht owned by the British Royal Family. The yacht was originally built in 1937 for King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, and has been used by the royal family ever since. It is currently owned by Queen Elizabeth II and is used for official engagements, as well as private holidays.

History of Jubilee Yacht

The Jubilee Yacht was commissioned in 1936 by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to celebrate their Silver Jubilee. The yacht was designed by naval architect Charles E. Nicholson and built at the Camper & Nicholsons shipyard in Gosport, England. The yacht was launched on April 21, 1937, and named after the royal couple’s 25th wedding anniversary.

The Jubilee Yacht has been used extensively by the royal family over the years, including for official engagements such as state visits and royal tours. It has also been used for private holidays, such as when Queen Elizabeth II took her children on a cruise around Scotland in 1957. In recent years, the yacht has been used less frequently due to its age and maintenance costs.

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