Ship vs Aeroplane

When it comes to size, ships and aeroplanes are two very different modes of transportation. Ships are much larger than aeroplanes, and can carry more passengers and cargo.

Size Comparison

The average commercial airliner is about 150 feet long, with a wingspan of about 125 feet. The largest cruise ship in the world, Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas, is 1,188 feet long and 215 feet wide. That means that the cruise ship is almost eight times longer than an aeroplane!

Capacity Comparison

Aeroplanes typically have a capacity of around 200 passengers, while cruise ships can hold up to 8,000 passengers. Cruise ships also have much more space for cargo than aeroplanes do. This makes them ideal for transporting large amounts of goods over long distances.


In conclusion, ships are much bigger than aeroplanes in terms of size and capacity. While aeroplanes are great for short trips, ships are better suited for long-distance travel and transporting large amounts of cargo.

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