The Biggest Cruise Boat in the World

The world’s largest cruise ship is Royal Caribbean International’s Symphony of the Seas. This massive vessel measures 1,188 feet long and 215.5 feet wide, with a gross tonnage of 228,081. It can accommodate up to 6,680 passengers and 2,200 crew members.

Features of the Symphony of the Seas

The Symphony of the Seas offers a variety of amenities for its passengers. There are 18 decks, 22 restaurants, 24 pools and whirlpools, a casino, an ice-skating rink, a zip line, a rock climbing wall, and even a mini-golf course. The ship also features several entertainment venues such as a theater, an aqua theater, and multiple bars and lounges.

In addition to these amenities, the Symphony of the Seas also has plenty of activities for passengers to enjoy. There are fitness classes available on board as well as yoga and Pilates classes. There are also art classes and workshops available for those who want to learn something new while on board.

The Symphony of the Seas is truly one of the most impressive cruise ships in the world. With its luxurious amenities and activities, it is no wonder why it is considered to be the biggest cruise boat in the world.

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