Where is the Transom Located on a Boat?

The transom is an important part of a boat’s structure and is located at the stern, or back, of the boat. It is the flat surface that forms the back wall of the hull and provides support for the outboard motor. The transom also serves as a mounting point for other components such as navigation lights, antennas, and cleats.

What Does the Transom Do?

The transom provides structural support to the boat and helps to keep it afloat. It also serves as a mounting point for various components such as outboard motors, navigation lights, antennas, and cleats. Additionally, it can be used to attach accessories such as swim ladders or boarding platforms.

How Is the Transom Constructed?

The transom is typically constructed from fiberglass or wood. Fiberglass transoms are strong and durable but require more maintenance than wood transoms. Wood transoms are less expensive but require more frequent maintenance due to their susceptibility to rot and decay.

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