What is a Grievance Board?

A grievance board is an independent body that hears and resolves disputes between employers and employees. It is typically composed of representatives from both the employer and employee sides, as well as a neutral third-party chairperson. The board’s purpose is to provide a fair and impartial forum for resolving workplace disputes.

How Does a Grievance Board Work?

The grievance board process begins when an employee files a complaint with the board. The complaint must be in writing and include details about the dispute. The board then reviews the complaint and schedules a hearing. During the hearing, both parties present their case before the board. After considering all evidence, the board makes a decision on how to resolve the dispute.

Benefits of Using a Grievance Board

Grievance boards offer several advantages over other methods of dispute resolution. They provide an impartial forum for resolving disputes, which can help maintain good relationships between employers and employees. Additionally, they are often less expensive than going to court or using arbitration services. Finally, they can help ensure that employees receive fair treatment in the workplace.

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