How Many Board Feet Are in a 5 DX 6 WX 20 L Beam?

A board foot is a unit of measure used to calculate the volume of lumber. It is equal to one square foot of wood that is one inch thick. To calculate the number of board feet in a 5 DX 6 WX 20 L beam, you must first determine the total volume of the beam.

Calculating Volume

The volume of a beam can be calculated by multiplying its width (W) by its depth (D) by its length (L). In this case, the volume of the 5 DX 6 WX 20 L beam is 600 cubic inches. To convert this to board feet, divide the volume by 12.

Calculating Board Feet

Once you have determined the total volume of the beam, divide it by 12 to get the number of board feet. In this case, 600 divided by 12 equals 50 board feet. Therefore, there are 50 board feet in a 5 DX 6 WX 20 L beam.

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