Transferring a Wheelchair Board to a Chair

Transferring a wheelchair board to a chair is an important skill for those who use wheelchairs. It allows them to move from one seating surface to another with ease and safety. The following steps will help you transfer a wheelchair board to a chair.

Step 1: Position the Chair

Position the chair so that it is facing the wheelchair board. Make sure that the seat of the chair is at the same height as the wheelchair board. This will make it easier to transfer onto the chair.

Step 2: Place Your Hands on the Wheelchair Board

Place your hands on either side of the wheelchair board. Make sure that your hands are firmly placed on the board and that you have a good grip. This will help you maintain balance during the transfer.

Step 3: Move Forward

Slowly move forward towards the chair. As you move, keep your hands firmly on the wheelchair board and use your arms to help propel yourself forward. When you reach the chair, place your feet on either side of it.

Step 4: Transfer Onto The Chair

Once your feet are firmly planted on either side of the chair, slowly lower yourself onto it. Make sure that you are centered in the middle of the seat and that your back is straight. Once you are seated, adjust yourself until you are comfortable.

Step 5: Secure Yourself In The Chair

Once you are comfortably seated in the chair, secure yourself by using any available straps or belts. This will ensure that you remain safely seated in the chair while transferring from one surface to another.

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