Selling Your Board Game to Hasbro

Hasbro is one of the world’s largest toy and game companies, and they are always looking for new ideas. If you have a board game that you think could be a hit, you may be wondering how to get it into their hands. Here are some tips on how to sell your board game to Hasbro.

Research Hasbro’s Requirements

Before submitting your board game idea to Hasbro, make sure you understand their requirements. They have specific guidelines for what types of games they are interested in, so make sure yours meets those criteria. You can find out more information on their website or by contacting them directly.

Create a Prototype

Once you know that your board game meets Hasbro’s requirements, it’s time to create a prototype. This should include all the components of the game, such as cards, dice, boards, etc., as well as instructions on how to play. Make sure everything looks professional and is easy to understand.

Submit Your Idea

Once you have a prototype ready, it’s time to submit your idea to Hasbro. You can do this through their website or by sending them an email with your proposal. Make sure you include all the necessary information about your game and why you think it would be successful.

Follow Up

After submitting your idea, don’t forget to follow up with Hasbro. They may take some time to review your proposal, so make sure you stay in touch and answer any questions they may have. This will show them that you are serious about selling your board game.

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