Where is Gigantamax in Pokemon Sword?

Gigantamax is a special form of Dynamaxing that can be found in the Galar region of Pokemon Sword. It is an incredibly powerful form of Dynamaxing that allows certain Pokemon to take on a larger, more powerful form. This form can only be accessed by certain Pokemon and requires the use of a special item called a Gigantamax Stone.

How to Find Gigantamax in Pokemon Sword

Gigantamax can be found in various locations throughout the Galar region. The most common way to find it is by participating in Max Raid Battles. These battles are available at various Wild Areas throughout the game and feature wild Dynamaxed or Gigantamaxed Pokemon. By defeating these Pokemon, players have a chance to obtain a Gigantamax Stone.

In addition to Max Raid Battles, Gigantamax Stones can also be obtained through other means such as completing certain quests or trading with other players. Players may also find them randomly while exploring the Wild Areas.

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