Where do I Go After Killing Malekith the Black Blade?

Killing Malekith the Black Blade is a major accomplishment in many fantasy role-playing games. After defeating this powerful enemy, players may be wondering what to do next. Depending on the game, there are a variety of options available for players to explore.

Explore the World

One of the most common things to do after killing Malekith is to explore the world. This can involve completing side quests, exploring dungeons, and discovering new areas. Players can also take part in activities such as fishing, hunting, and gathering resources. Exploring the world can help players gain experience points and find rare items that can be used to upgrade their character.

Continue the Main Quest

Another option for players is to continue with the main quest. This could involve finding new allies or enemies, uncovering secrets about the world, or even facing off against a new powerful foe. Completing the main quest will often reward players with powerful items or abilities that can help them progress further in the game.

Take a Break

Finally, after killing Malekith, players may want to take a break from their adventure and relax. This could involve playing mini-games or engaging in other activities such as crafting or cooking. Taking a break can help players recharge and prepare for their next challenge.

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