Cricut Explore AIR 2 Blades

The Cricut Explore AIR 2 is a versatile cutting machine that can be used to create a variety of projects. It comes with a range of blades and tools that allow you to cut, score, and draw on a variety of materials. The most commonly used blade for the Cricut Explore AIR 2 is the Fine Point Blade.

Fine Point Blade

The Fine Point Blade is the standard blade that comes with the Cricut Explore AIR 2. It is designed to cut through a wide range of materials including cardstock, vinyl, iron-on, and more. This blade has a fine point tip that allows it to make precise cuts and intricate designs. It is also compatible with all Cricut machines.

Deep Cut Blade

The Deep Cut Blade is an optional blade for the Cricut Explore AIR 2. This blade is designed for thicker materials such as chipboard, leather, and balsa wood. It has a deeper cut than the Fine Point Blade and can be used to create more intricate designs. This blade should only be used with materials that are 1.5mm or thicker.

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