How to Tell How Old a Case Knife Is

Case knives are highly sought after by collectors and knife enthusiasts alike. Knowing the age of a Case knife can help you determine its value and rarity. Fortunately, there are several ways to tell how old a Case knife is.

Check the Tang Stamp

The tang stamp is located on the blade of the knife and contains information about when it was made. The tang stamp will include the words “Case” and “USA” along with other symbols or numbers. These symbols or numbers indicate the year that the knife was manufactured. For example, if the tang stamp includes a “6” then it was made in 2006.

Look at the Handle Material

The handle material of a Case knife can also be used to determine its age. Older Case knives typically have handles made from natural materials such as bone, wood, or stag horn. Newer models usually have handles made from synthetic materials like plastic or rubber.

Examine the Bolsters

The bolsters of a Case knife can also provide clues about its age. Older models typically have bolsters made from nickel silver while newer models usually have bolsters made from stainless steel. Additionally, older models may have more intricate designs on their bolsters than newer models.

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