Which Country Has a Bird on Its Flag?

Many countries around the world have birds featured prominently on their flags. From the bald eagle of the United States to the kookaburra of Australia, birds are a popular choice for national symbols. Here is a look at some of the countries that feature birds on their flags.

United States

The United States flag features a bald eagle, which has been an important symbol of the country since its founding. The bald eagle was chosen as a symbol of strength and freedom, and it appears in many official seals and documents.


The Australian flag features a large white seven-pointed star surrounded by a golden Commonwealth Star. In the center of this star is a kookaburra, which is native to Australia and is known for its distinctive call. The kookaburra is seen as a symbol of joy and laughter.


The Indian flag features three horizontal stripes in saffron, white, and green. In the center of the white stripe is an orange wheel with 24 spokes, known as the Ashoka Chakra. Above this wheel is an image of a peacock, which is India’s national bird.

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