What Does a Cuckoo Bird Eat?

The cuckoo bird is a species of bird found in many parts of the world. It is known for its distinctive call and its habit of laying eggs in other birds’ nests. The cuckoo bird is an omnivore, meaning it eats both plants and animals.


Cuckoos feed mainly on insects such as caterpillars, grasshoppers, beetles, and moths. They also eat spiders, ants, and other small invertebrates. Cuckoos have been observed eating up to 200 insects in one day.

Fruits and Berries

Cuckoos also eat fruits and berries when they are available. They have been seen eating apples, pears, cherries, raspberries, blackberries, and other types of fruit. They also eat the seeds of some fruits.


Cuckoos feed on nectar from flowers when it is available. This helps them get the energy they need to fly long distances during migration. They have been observed drinking nectar from flowers such as thistles, dandelions, clover, and daisies.

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