How to Deter Squirrels and Birds

Squirrels and birds can be a nuisance in your garden or yard, but there are ways to deter them from coming around. Here are some tips on how to keep squirrels and birds away.

1. Install Bird Netting

Bird netting is an effective way to keep birds away from your garden or yard. It is a lightweight mesh material that can be draped over plants or trees to prevent birds from accessing the area. The netting should be installed securely so that it does not come loose and become a hazard for other animals.

2. Use Visual Deterrents

Visual deterrents such as plastic owls, snakes, or other objects can help scare away squirrels and birds. These objects should be placed in areas where they will be visible to the animals, such as near bird feeders or in gardens. The objects should be moved around periodically so that the animals do not become accustomed to them.

3. Plant Unappealing Plants

Certain plants have strong odors or textures that make them unappealing to squirrels and birds. Examples of these plants include lavender, marigolds, and garlic. Planting these types of plants in your garden or yard can help deter squirrels and birds from coming around.

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