Do Cockatoos Eat Birds?

Cockatoos are a type of parrot native to Australia and Indonesia. They are known for their distinctive crest, which they can raise when they are excited or alarmed. Cockatoos are omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and animals. But do cockatoos eat birds?

What Do Cockatoos Eat?

In the wild, cockatoos feed on a variety of foods including fruits, nuts, seeds, insects, and even small vertebrates such as lizards and frogs. They also have been known to scavenge carrion (dead animals). In captivity, cockatoos typically eat a diet of pellets supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Do Cockatoos Eat Birds?

While it is not common for cockatoos to hunt and eat other birds, there have been some reports of them doing so in the wild. This behavior is more likely to occur if food is scarce or if the cockatoo is kept in an enclosure with other birds. It is important to note that this behavior should not be encouraged and that providing a balanced diet is the best way to ensure your pet cockatoo stays healthy.

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