Chuck Berry’s Marriage to His Wife

Chuck Berry was an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist who is widely considered one of the pioneers of rock and roll music. He was married to his wife, Themetta “Toddy” Suggs, for 68 years.

Themetta “Toddy” Suggs

Berry met Themetta in 1948 when he was performing at a club in St. Louis. They were married on October 28th, 1948 and remained together until Chuck’s death in 2017. During their marriage, they had four children: Ingrid, Melody, Aloha, and Charles Jr.

A Lasting Legacy

Chuck and Toddy’s marriage was a testament to the power of love and commitment. Despite the challenges that come with being married for such a long time, they managed to stay together until the very end. Their relationship serves as an example of what can be achieved when two people are devoted to each other.

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