Did Chuck Berry Record at Sun Records?

Chuck Berry is one of the most influential figures in rock and roll history. He is credited with creating the sound and style that would become known as rock and roll, and his songs have been covered by countless artists over the years. But did he ever record at Sun Records, the legendary Memphis-based label that launched the careers of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and many other iconic musicians?

The Answer: No

Unfortunately, Chuck Berry never recorded at Sun Records. While he was certainly aware of the label’s influence on popular music, he chose to record his own material independently. He released his first single, “Maybellene,” in 1955 on Chess Records, a Chicago-based label founded by brothers Leonard and Phil Chess. The song became an instant hit and established Berry as one of the leading figures in rock and roll.

Berry continued to release singles on Chess throughout the 1950s and 1960s, including such classics as “Johnny B. Goode,” “Roll Over Beethoven,” and “Sweet Little Sixteen.” He also released several albums during this period, including After School Session (1955), Rockin’ at the Hops (1960), and St. Louis to Liverpool (1964). All of these recordings were made at Chess Studios in Chicago.

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