When is Bee and Puppycat Coming to Netflix?

Bee and Puppycat is an animated series created by Natasha Allegri that follows the adventures of a young woman named Bee and her magical pet, Puppycat. The show has been a hit with fans since its debut in 2014, and now it’s coming to Netflix!

Release Date

The first season of Bee and Puppycat will be available on Netflix starting August 30th, 2019. This will include all 10 episodes from the original series, as well as two new episodes that were produced exclusively for Netflix.

What to Expect

Fans of the original series can expect more of the same heartwarming stories and characters they know and love. In addition to the two new episodes, viewers can also look forward to seeing some familiar faces from other Cartoon Hangover shows like Bravest Warriors and Adventure Time.

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