The Most Biggest Bee

The most biggest bee is the Wallace’s Giant Bee, also known as Megachile pluto. It is a species of bee that was discovered in 1981 by entomologist Alfred Russel Wallace. This bee is native to Indonesia and can be found on the islands of Bacan, Halmahera, and the Ternate Islands.


Wallace’s Giant Bee is one of the largest bees in the world, measuring up to 1.5 inches (38 mm) in length. It has a black body with yellow-orange bands on its abdomen and orange-brown wings. The female has large mandibles which are used for digging burrows in which to lay eggs.


Wallace’s Giant Bee lives in tropical lowland forests and is usually found near termite mounds or rotting logs. It builds its nests in tree hollows or abandoned termite mounds. The female will use her mandibles to dig a tunnel into the mound or log and then line it with resin from nearby trees.

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