The Great British Sewing Bee on Acorn TV

The Great British Sewing Bee is a popular television show that has been airing in the UK since 2013. The show follows amateur sewers as they compete against each other to create the best garments. It has become a hit with viewers, and now it is available to watch on Acorn TV.

What Can You Expect From The Show?

The show features a variety of challenges for the contestants, from creating a garment from scratch to altering an existing piece of clothing. Each challenge is judged by two experts who provide feedback and critiques on the contestants’ work. The winner of each episode is crowned “Sewing Bee Champion” and receives a special prize.

How Can You Watch The Show On Acorn TV?

Acorn TV offers subscribers access to all six seasons of The Great British Sewing Bee. Subscribers can stream episodes on their computer, tablet, or smartphone, or download them for offline viewing. Episodes are also available to purchase individually if you don’t want to subscribe.

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