How Much is Bowling at Rufus and Bee?

Rufus and Bee is a popular bowling alley located in the heart of downtown. It offers a variety of bowling options for all ages, from traditional 10-pin bowling to glow-in-the-dark cosmic bowling. The cost of bowling at Rufus and Bee depends on the type of game you choose.

Traditional 10-Pin Bowling

Traditional 10-pin bowling is the most common type of bowling found at Rufus and Bee. The cost for one game of 10-pin bowling is $5 per person. This includes shoe rental, which is required for all players.

Cosmic Bowling

Cosmic bowling is a fun twist on traditional 10-pin bowling. The lanes are lit up with black lights and neon colors, creating an exciting atmosphere. The cost for one game of cosmic bowling is $7 per person, which also includes shoe rental.

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