Do Robber Bees Sting?

Robber bees, also known as cuckoo bees, are a type of bee that do not produce their own honey or wax. Instead, they rely on other species of bees to provide them with food and shelter. As such, robber bees have developed a reputation for being aggressive and dangerous. But do robber bees actually sting?

Do Robber Bees Sting?

The short answer is yes, robber bees can sting. However, they are not as aggressive as some other types of bees and will usually only sting if they feel threatened or provoked. In most cases, robber bees will try to avoid confrontation and will fly away if disturbed.

Robber bees are also less likely to sting than other types of bees because they lack the necessary equipment to do so. Unlike honeybees and bumblebees, robber bees do not have barbed stingers which means they cannot inject venom into their victims.

That said, robber bees can still cause pain if they bite or pinch someone with their mandibles. While this is unlikely to be fatal, it can still be quite painful and should be avoided if possible.

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