How Italian People Sleep

Italian people tend to have a relaxed attitude towards sleep. They often take naps during the day and go to bed late at night. This is due to the fact that Italians enjoy socializing and spending time with family and friends, which can lead to later bedtimes.

Italians also tend to be light sleepers, meaning they are easily woken up by noise or movement. This can make it difficult for them to get a good night’s rest if they live in a noisy area or share their bedroom with someone else.

Sleep Habits of Italian People

Most Italians prefer to sleep on their side or stomach, rather than their back. They also like to keep their bedroom cool and dark, as this helps them relax and fall asleep faster. Additionally, many Italians use natural remedies such as chamomile tea or lavender oil to help them relax before bedtime.

Italians typically wake up early in the morning, usually around 6-7am. They may take a short nap during the day if they feel tired, but generally try to avoid sleeping too much during the day as this can disrupt their nighttime sleep.

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