How do Driders Sleep?

Driders are a type of creature found in Dungeons & Dragons, and other fantasy settings. They are half-drow (dark elf) and half-spider, with the upper body of an elf and the lower body of a spider. As such, they have some unique sleeping habits.

Unique Sleeping Habits

Driders typically sleep in webs that they spin for themselves. These webs can be found in dark places like caves or abandoned buildings. The webs provide protection from predators and also help to keep the drider warm. Driders also tend to sleep during the day, as their eyesight is not as good as other creatures in the dark.

Other Considerations

Driders may also use their webs to catch food while they sleep. This helps them to conserve energy and stay well-fed. Additionally, driders may use their webs to communicate with other driders or even other creatures in the area. This allows them to stay informed about potential threats or opportunities.

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