Do Any Cruise Lines Have King Size Beds?

Cruise lines offer a variety of bedding options for their guests, and many of them do offer king size beds. Depending on the cruise line and the type of cabin you book, you may be able to find a king size bed in your room. Some cruise lines also offer larger cabins with multiple bedrooms that can accommodate king size beds.

Which Cruise Lines Offer King Size Beds?

Some of the most popular cruise lines that offer king size beds include Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Norwegian, Celebrity, and MSC Cruises. These cruise lines typically offer king size beds in their suites or higher-end cabins. However, some of these cruise lines also offer king size beds in their standard cabins as well.

What Else Should I Know About King Size Beds on Cruises?

When booking a cabin with a king size bed on a cruise ship, it is important to note that the bed may not be as large as a traditional king size bed found in homes. This is because the cabins on cruise ships are usually smaller than those found in homes. Additionally, some cruise lines may refer to their king size beds as “queen” or “full” sized beds due to the limited space available in the cabins.

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