What Does SLP Mean on My Hot Tub?

SLP stands for “Service Limit Pressure,” and it is a safety feature found on many hot tubs. This pressure switch is designed to shut off the power to the hot tub if the water pressure in the system exceeds a certain level. This helps protect the pump, heater, and other components from damage due to excessive water pressure.

The SLP switch is typically located near the pump or heater, and it is usually marked with an arrow pointing up or down. When the water pressure in the system reaches a certain level, the switch will trip and shut off power to the hot tub. The exact pressure setting of the switch can vary depending on the model of hot tub, but it is usually set at around 20-25 psi.

How to Reset an SLP Switch

If your hot tub’s SLP switch trips, you will need to reset it before you can use your hot tub again. To do this, first turn off all power to the hot tub. Then locate the SLP switch and press down on it until you hear a click. This should reset the switch and allow you to turn on power to your hot tub again.

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