AC Slater Music

AC Slater is an American DJ and producer who specializes in electronic dance music. He is best known for his bass-heavy, electro-house sound, which has been featured on labels such as Night Bass, Dim Mak, and Fool’s Gold.

Style of Music

AC Slater’s music is a blend of house, techno, electro, and bass music. His tracks often feature heavy basslines and driving rhythms that are perfect for the dance floor. He also incorporates elements of hip-hop and trap into his productions. His sound has been described as “dark and dirty” with a “gritty edge”.

Notable Tracks

Some of AC Slater’s most popular tracks include “Jack Got Jacked”, “Everyday”, “Take You Back”, and “Laid Off”. He has also collaborated with artists such as Diplo, A-Trak, and Dillon Francis. His remixes of classic songs like “Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa have become club staples.

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