Taiwan’s Main Ethnic Group

Taiwan is a multi-ethnic society, with the majority of its population being of Han Chinese descent. The main ethnic group in Taiwan is the Han Chinese, who make up approximately 95% of the population. Other ethnic groups include the indigenous Taiwanese, Hakka, and other minority groups.

Han Chinese

The Han Chinese are the largest ethnic group in Taiwan, making up around 95% of the population. They are descendants of immigrants from mainland China who began arriving in Taiwan during the 17th century. The Han Chinese have a long history in Taiwan and have played an important role in shaping its culture and politics.

Indigenous Taiwanese

The indigenous Taiwanese are the original inhabitants of Taiwan. They make up approximately 2% of the population and are divided into several distinct tribes. These tribes have their own languages, customs, and beliefs that have been passed down through generations.


The Hakka people are another major ethnic group in Taiwan, making up around 3% of the population. They are descended from immigrants from southern China who arrived in Taiwan during the 19th century. The Hakka people have their own language and culture that has been preserved over time.

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